Temdan Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case Built-in Screen Protector Full Body Protect Support Wireless Charging,Heavy Duty Dropproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 2019 NO Fingerprint ID (Clear/Black)

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Customer Reviews

Love it

by dwhiteside327 (Amazon.com)

Great case. Blocks palm touches nicely. One of the only ones with a screen protector.

Small niggle…the power button of the case is a tad ill fitting…so pressing the power button is sometimes ineffective or even slips off the true power button.

A great case nonetheless.

Nice protection for my new baby!

by Big Daddy (Amazon.com)

Nice case seems to have a decent amount of protection. Just so other know, don’t expect the sonic fingerprint sensor to work through the screen protector. The buttons seem a bit stiff but expect that to get better with use.

Does what it says it will do

by CMOak (Amazon.com)

It fits the phone great. It does what it says it will do. The only weird thing about it is that it’s so lightweight. If you’re used to a heavier duty case, this will take some getting used to. Plus the back also feels like a screen, so that’s something else to get used to. It is nice to be able to see the color of the phone as opposed to heavy duty cases that cover the back though.

Samsung s10plus case

by Deomeko Harmon (Amazon.com)

The product was shipped very quickly and also very durable for the price.

100% recomended

by yolwin (Amazon.com)

I like this case because it’s nice, my phone look really nice.

I like it

by DisneyFreak (Amazon.com)

I have to be honest. It was a bit difficult to separate the inner case from the outer case but once done it was no problem putting it back together. I love the streamlined look and feel. Only thing I would change is more color options. Or two tone custom options

Great case but cant use fingerprint scanner with case

by Maggie Murphy (Amazon.com)

I like this case, it is light weight and seems to protect the phone. The buttons are very stiff to push. But with the built in screen protector you can not use the fingerprint scanner. So its a nice case but unfortunately you can not use the phone to its full potential due to the case.

Not new item.

by XE (Amazon.com)

The one that i recieved was a returned item i know somebody already open it and returned it, i dont like this.

Soruce : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MZHZYZN/

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