RANVOO iPhone XR case, iPhone XR Protective Clear Case [Certified Military Protection] [Agile Button] with Reinforced Soft TPU Bumper and Transparent Hard PC Back Case Cover

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Customer Reviews

It is a protective case.

by Sharon Jackson (Amazon.com)

My new i-phone is peach so I love the clear case as the color of the phone comes through. The case itself is perfect. The seller was very prompt sending it out. Was very satisfied with this transaction.

Very durable!!

by Bre (Amazon.com)

I love this case so much, it’s so durable and fits well in my hand. It doesn’t slip and it doesn’t make the buttons hard to press like some reviews stated. I really love this case overall though, I’m 100% satisfied.

Good Case

by Benjamin (Amazon.com)

Simple clear plastic case but very protective. If you want a protective case but don’t want to cover the color of your phone this is perfect non-expensive item.

Attractive and Offers Good Protection but Messy

by Family Shopper (Amazon.com)

I recently received this case for my new iPhone XR (white). The shipping was delayed several times, once due to a storm, though the case eventually arrived in good condition. It fits very well – so well it was almost hard to put in, but I have no concerns of it ever falling out or falling off.

The case shows off the natural color of the phone well, which was one of the primary reasons I chose this case (see the attached photo).

I’ve only had this case for a week, and in the intervening time there have been no major drops. However, the phone has survived a handful of minor tumbles unscathed.

There is a thick rim of rubber around the screen area which appears to provide adequate protection if the phone is dropped screen-down on a flat surface. Likewise, a rim around the back protrudes just far enough that the camera lens (which sticks out a bit from the back of the phone) will not hit the ground on impact. The corner protection feels tough as well.

Unfortunately, the case is prone to collecting fingerprints, which are usually invisible but are obvious when the sun shines at the right angle. Fortunately, they’re not difficult to wipe off.

Finally, there is a tendency for dust to collect where the case meets the phone screen-side. The iPhone XR naturally has a small lip around the screen, and the case covers only the very edge of that lip. The resulting grove tends to collect dust while in my pocket, which is mildly annoying but doesn’t affect the functionality (See the attached photo).

Side Buttons Too Large Easily Engages SOS Call

by Ken A. Goldenberg (Amazon.com)

This is a good case, but after only having it, and my iPhone XR for one day I have inadvertently engaged the emergency SOS/911 system 5 times. The problem seems to be the side buttons on the Ranvoo case protrude out too much, so when the phone is in my belt-clip case they get pushed on way too easily from the sides. (The SOS alert happens when the side buttons of the iPhone are pushed at the same time rapidly.)
The belt-clip case is also new and the right size for this phone, but I may have to get a thinner clear case from another company. Annoying…..
Update; the Ranvoo customer support is excellent and have contacted me several times over my concerns. Again, the case a very well made and excellent protection for the phone, however for me both Siri and the SOS feature activate accidentally frequently. Probably because I have the phone in a belt case holder and the side buttons of the Ranvoo case get pushed on easily.
So for me it’s just not right, but again, I great sturdy product.

Great, durable case!

by eardoc (Amazon.com)

I’ve been looking for a great clear case that’s also durable and I’ve found it! Has a good grip as well, so it doesn’t seem to slip out of my hands (although I did also purchase a popsocket and attached it). Very happy with my purchase.

Great case for iPhone XR

by Seadog79 (Amazon.com)

This is a well-made product that fits my iPhone XR perfectly. It makes my phone much easier to hold as well as protecting it. Highly recommend this case!

Does what it’s supposed to do-protect my phone

by Jan Caise (Amazon.com)

Very easy to apply, rounded edges protect from accidental drops, and the clear color shows off my red iPhone XR colors brilliantly.

Soruce : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GYR4RCW/

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