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The OtterBox Defender Series case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus provides heavy duty protection against drops, dust and damage without taking away from the usability of your phone’s features. The Defender Series case offers triple-layer protection and is built from a high-impact polycarbonate shell, durable silicone slipcover and a built-in screen protector, making it one of the toughest cases on the market. Why else do you think we called it the Defender Series?

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From the manufacturer

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Drop Protection

Defender Series is your device’s first line of defense against drops, falls, impacts and the rugged world outside.

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Drop Protection

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Dust Protection

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Scratch Protection

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3-Layer Protection

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OtterBox Defender Series OtterBox Commuter Series OtterBox Symmetry Series OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series
OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection
Access to all buttons and features
Specialized rubber
Polycarbonate layer
Screen protector
Raised beveled edge protects screen
Belt clip
Dust protection
Protection type Rugged Protection On-the-Go Protection Sleek Protection Sleek, CLEAR Protection

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Customer Reviews

Great Overall Protection, But Screen Protector Limits Touch Sensitivity and Touch ID sensor

by KLTmom (

I’ve had numerous cases for my various Apple products and especially for my iPhones, from the slimmest to the most bulky. As I find I’m increasingly handing over my iPhone 6 Plus to my toddler sometimes, I decided to buy what I’ve researched to be one of the most reputable cases out there–this OtterBox Defender. I’ve also used the Griffin Survivor cases as well as had experience with the LifeProof Fre. The Survivor’s okay but my toddler’s a drooler and more often than not his drool ends up getting into the case between the screen cover and the screen. It ended up being a pain to constantly take apart the Survivor case to wipe off the wetness. The LifeProof Fre, while waterproof, is more expensive and was a bit of an overkill for protection for my needs. This Otterbox Defender fits right in between, not too much and not too little. And I really like the rubbery feel of the outside of the case–very grippy and easy to hold on to. All the ports are accessible, and the buttons that cover the volume and on/off controls work fine. The screen protector is nearly invisible and can be wiped clean easily.

The case is pretty indestructible. My iPhone has been dropped unintentionally as well as thrown down intentionally onto concrete and other very hard surfaces many many many times…still doesn’t have a scratch, dent, crack, nothing! The iPhone is still like brand-new. So is the case itself. I usually sell or trade in my iPhones when I’m ready to upgrade so I want to keep this iPhone ready in its like brand new condition for my next upgrade cycle, or keep it for my kids to use, or as a backup phone. This Otterbox Defender will certainly keep it brand new. It is like armor!

But now for the negatives. The screen protector, while nearly invisible, interferes too much with touch sensitivity. I have used many cases without a screen protector and well, obviously you just can’t beat having nothing between the screen and your fingertips when it comes to touch sensitivity. I find myself having to press a little bit harder for my touch to register sometimes, especially towards the edges of the screen. It is annoying, but I figure that it’s a price to pay for the extra protection.

Also, and this is the most annoying negative–the fingerprint sensor is not reliable at all. As part of the protection there is a clear cover over the home button, supposedly so the Touch ID can still be used. But I constantly have to re-enter my fingerprints for it to work. It goes in cycles–I’ll input my fingerprints, it will work for a few days (a week if I’m lucky), then it will stop recognizing my fingerprints and I’ll have to repeat the process. Honestly I just end up using the passcode instead. But I really miss the convenience of the Touch ID not just to bypass having to enter the passcode, but also for accessing bank apps and other apps instead of having to type in passwords. Again, I just view it as a price to pay for the good overall protection the Otterbox Defender offers.

I gave this a 4/5 stars because the Otterbox Defender does the job–it seriously protects my iPhone from the worst drops and toddler tantrums. But it doesn’t deserve a full 5/5 stars because of the touch sensitivity and Touch ID limitations set by the screen protector.

It will protect your phone

by Gavaronee (

I got this same exact case for my iPhone 6 plus over 3 years ago. In that time, I have dropped this phone at least 70 times. I’ve also kicked it and stepped on it a few times. Over 3 years ago, I separately bought a screen protector and I didn’t use the screen protector that came with the case back then. The screen protector had some nice cracks in it and I couldn’t tell if the cracks were on the screen protector or on the glass. I got some Amazon gift cards for Christmas and decided to splurge and get a new case after Christmas. So, I got the same exact case again (different color this time). When I took the old case off last week (first time in over 3 years), the only flaw I noticed was that the hard plastic frame was broken in one place (which is not surprising at all when you consider how careless I was with the phone). When I peeled off the screen protector, I was pleased to discover that the glass was in perfect condition. I cleaned the phone up with wipes and eyeglass cleaner and when my wife saw it she thought that I had bought a new phone behind her back…that is how good it looked. Major kudos to Otterbox for doing a superb job of protecting my investment.
This time around I decided to go ahead and use the built-in screen protector that comes with the case. Perhaps I need to use it some more, but I have noticed that I am having some difficulty getting the iPhone to read my fingerprint now. Also, I should warn you that the initial step of taking the rubber off of the hard plastic case (so you can insert your phone) is a brutally difficult step. I remember doing this 3 years ago and it took me a week to figure it out. I finally had to watch some YouTube videos and finally got it done. This time around, I tried to peel off the rubber with a butter knife and the knife slipped quickly on me. I wasn’t hurt, but it was one of those split seconds where you are like, “Uh oh…do I need to go to the emergency room?” I do think that Otterbox needs to do a better job in this regard. I think that if the rubber part came disassembled, it would make life much easier on the consumer.
But, all-in-all this really is a great case and the price is very good as well.

Strong, but not against time

by James Hedberg (

Bought to replace a broken one and this thing comes looking great. Sadly, the clip and me parted ways via a run against a machine and a wall. But the phone was still safe in the case. The plastic covering the button has wore out twice while using these cases rather quickly, but the phone still looks great inside and other than having to dust out everything twice a month or so, this case is still sturdy and keeping my phone protected, just not so well against water any more.


by Jeff Ball (

Set my phone on roof of SUV to buckle kids in their seats and drove off with phone covered by otterbox defender still sitting on roof. As I eventually increased speed to 40mph I heard a thud. I immediately looked in side mirror and saw a black rectangle bouncing, spinning fast across the pavement. Realizing it was my phone I turned around expecting to find it broken. I pulled the phone from the dirt on the side of the road anticipating a hunk of useless mess. No cracks only found minor scratches and dings.
I have accidentally dropped this same defender case from ladder and top of a fire truck.
I highly recommend the otterbox defender case!

The worst packaging and install guideline

by jeffrey rothstein (

The product guideline indicated to grab a corner of the device and peel it off. Was not able to do so, nor was my wife, nor was a salesman at the Apple store. We required a straight screwdriver to peel off the midpart of the case.

By that time, I had cut away the plastic to try to pull the case from what I thought was a “model” of an iPhone from the middle.

When the Apple employee finally got the case free, I realized I had ruined the device by cutting the plastic cover for the iPhone.

Waste of time and money. I am sure it is a good case but the directions to install the case were terrible.

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